Cat lady

We adopted a little cat a few months back, that was found outside a strip club in San Diego. The previous owner named her Destiny after a stripper. We renamed her Cathinka Ross, because she looks like a Cathinka Ross and she loves her new name!

In the beginning she was hiding everywhere and sometimes we wouldn’t be able to find her.

kitten hiding
One night when we came home, we could not find her anywhere. She loves hide and seek!

When our friend Kane was visiting from Australia, he was saying mean things about her, that she was a stinky, evil cat etc. I think she understood cause before we knew it, she jumped up on the sofa where we were sitting and attacked Kane 😉 He screamed like a girl. I gave Cathinka a pat on the back. That’s my cat! Don’t let anyone say anything bad about you 😉 Now she’s becoming more of a lap cat. She loves being cuddled with and every morning she will sit in the exact same spot, right outside our bedroom door and wait for us to wake up. She is so sweet.


Today, way too many healthy animals are being killed in the shelters, simply because they don’t have capacity for them. If you are considering getting a pet, adopt a cat or a dog from one of the shelters and you will save a life 🙂grey kitten grey kitten grey kitten

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