Cat in a tree

I couldn’t find our cat anywhere when we woke up saturday morning. I literally looked in every cupboard and closet  (including the fridge haha). So I went around the neighbourhood and looked for her. When I was about to go back in, I heard her meowing from the back of our house. She was stuck in the top of a tree. Her tongue was sticking out as usual 😉 I called Justin to come out, and after much effort in getting her down, he had to climb up and grab her, while I was watching and taking photos 😉 Good thing we didn’t have to call the firefighters. They were both full of needles from the tree when they got down to the ground 😮  Poor little kitten had been stuck there the whole night. But it didn’t take long until she was back to her good old self and harassed us the rest of the day 🙂

cat in a tree


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