Traveling has always been my greatest passion. My first big adventure started when I was 15 years old and spent a year abroad as an exchange student in Nevada. After that.. I was hooked and went on trips with family and friends. What I love about travelling is discovering new and exciting places, meeting new people and getting to know different cultures. Through traveling I have learned a lot about myself as well as other people.

I moved to Sydney, Australia in 2009 and lived there for 4 years. I really thought I would end up here, but apparently not 😉 I have so many good memories from Australia. It is really an amazing country. Just before I moved to Australia I studied eco-tourism in Bali through a Norwegian college. Before that I studied tourism in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, which kind of inspired me to move to Australia and study for a bachelor degree in Hospitality Management. In Australia I worked in hotels and bars to gain proper work experience for my degree. I enjoyed the hospitality industry a lot. The work hours would be different every week. I liked not having a certain schedule so every week would be different. If I worked evening shifts I would just go to the beach to relax or sleep during the day and then take the ferry over to work after.

I moved to LA in september 2013 with my boyfriend, Justin. We live in Santa Monica, which we enjoy very much!


I am very serious about food 🙂 I LOVE to cook. I usually make up my own recipes or I like to experiment and see what I end up with.. I find it the best way to cook. I’ve always been very health conscious and I think about what kind of food that is good for you. In my blog you will find many of my own recipes. After I moved to California, I’ve started going to the local famers markets to buy all my vegetables and fruit. This way we help support the local farmers and I can guarantee you it’s much fresher and more nutritious than the veggies you buy in the supermarket. Most of the stuff you buy at the market is organic, which again works harder for your body.

christina lindal

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  1. What a wonderful young lady you have become. We enjoy n love you n Justin so much. Thank you for the wonderful n fun time we had at your home.

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